CA Sega Joypolis was renamed from Sega Live Creation,
an independent company from SEGA Corporation Entertainment Park Division, on January 1st in 2017.

At the same time, we also moved out from SEGA Sammy Group and became a member of China Animation Group which listed in Hong Kong.

China Animation Group has been running trading business in manufacturing industry with entertainment companies and Japanese toy manufacturers.
Upon the foundation laid in manufacturing field, we are aiming to further grow our business in entertainment facilities, animation, and IP industry.

CA Sega Joypolis Philosophy

CA Sega Joypolis formulated our vision and mission.

Our Vision : Make contribution to people's hapiness and the world peace
Our Mission: Give dreams and joy of life to everyone throughout our entertaining service

We have been providing various products, service, and amusement facilities, and we aim to keep entertaining people as always. By giving all our service, more joy will be spread to the world.

Message from our CEO

CEO Takeshi Yoshimoto

CA Sega Joypolis is the company that provides you dreams, excitement, and joy of your life.

Our company is consisted of 3 main sections, 【Facilities enterprises】as expanding our indoor amusement facilities to Japan and China, 【Equipment sales】as development and sales of attraction equipments, and【Licence out】as overall businesses operation derived from our amusement park business.
On January 1st in 2017, we are reborn and became a member of China Animation Character s Company Limited Group, the listing company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Along with our projects, I consider that our strenghs are ①Planning and development of attractions equipped with the latest technologies, ②Constructng and designing attractive entertaiment facilities, and ③Operating system and achieving high level of customer satisfaction.
By looking to the same goal together with those 3 sections, I believe this new company will be an exciting one and able to provide "entertainment = unusual experience and various leisure activities".

We also believe that is our social responsibility and can contribute to the world peace.

Thanks for reading.