About CA Sega Joypolis

About CA Sega Joypolis

CA Sega Joypolis was renamed from Sega Live Creation,
an independent company from SEGA Corporation Entertainment Park Division, on January 1st in 2017.

At the same time, we also moved out from SEGA Sammy Group and became a member of CA Cultural Technology Group which listed in Hong Kong.

CA Cultural Technology Group has been running trading business in manufacturing industry with entertainment companies and Japanese toy manufacturers.
Upon the foundation laid in manufacturing field, we are aiming to further grow our business in entertainment facilities, animation, and IP industry.

Message from Our CEO

CEO Takeshi Yoshimoto

CEO Takeshi Yoshimoto

CA Sega Joypolis Ltd. is a company that continues to create smiles around the world by providing dreams, excitement, and the joy of living through entertainment.

The company has three core businesses: 1) Facility operation that manages indoor entertainment parks including "Tokyo Joypolis" in Japan and China; 2) Licensing-out business that produce comprehensive services including design, planning, development, and operation; and 3) Development and sales of attractions and amusement machines. To make a fresh start , we have become the subsidiary of CA Cultural Technology Group, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, on January 1, 2027.

Along with our projects, I consider that our strengths are
① Operation with high customer satisfaction;
② Design, planning, and operation of attractive entertainment facilities; and
③ Development and sales of attractions and amusement machines full of playfulness.
By looking to the same goal together with those 3 sections, I believe this new company will be an exciting one and able to provide "entertainment = unusual experience and various leisure activities".

We also believe that is our social responsibility and can contribute to the world peace.

Thanks for reading.

CA Sega Joypolis Philosophy

CA Sega Joypolis Mission Pyramid

CA Sega Joypolis Mission Pyramid
About CA Sega Joypolis Mission
Value "Contributing to World Peace and Happiness of People"

One of the true principle, the constant truths of human being, is the desire for peace and happiness.
Without peace, we won't be able to continue to be human beings as the way we should be. Without peace, we won't be able to feel that life is worth living, or have dreams and hopes. Without peace, it is obviously impossible for people to live with a sense of happiness. Without peace, there will be no smiles. And the fact is that this truth is given to us human beings.
We hope to create smiles on the faces of as many people in the world as possible through entertainment, with our efforts and ingenuity for eternity. We are convinced that peace begins with a smile. To fulfill this truth is our core value, which constitutes our basis.

Mission "Providing People Dreams and Joy of Life through Creation of Extraordinary Spaces and Entertainment"

We are an unique company, with three functions of development, sales, and operations. By aligning these three functions, we can create entertainment, which is a world of pleasure, in other words, an extraordinary space.
We consider this as our social mission to continue providing extraordinary spaces to our customers, through intellectual creation and ingenuity in new markets, new products, and new business schemes that they have never been seen before.
Our mission, or the significance of our existence, is to continue to bring "dreams," "hopes," and "excitement" to people around the world and to create "smiles" on the faces of as many people as possible through entertainment in the extraordinary space that we have created.

Vision "To Be a Company that Continues to Create Smiles through Entertainment"

Entertainment is indispensable for human beings. Actually, it is not only for humans. Dogs, cats, monkeys, and other animals also play. Since the beginning of time, or even before that, we believe that living and entertainment are so closely related and inseparably important. For children in particular, entertainment is all about life and their living.
Through the act of having act, children hone their sensibilities, cultivate cooperation, creativity, and imagination, and nurture their communication skills.
Entertainment also makes people "smile."
The smiles on the faces of our customers give us life and reason to work, and by creating and experiencing them together, we can also smile from the bottom of our hearts. Enjoy entertainment from the bottom of our hearts, both you and me, and all of us. And remember to enjoy life! One "smile" triggers the beginning of peace!

CA Sega Joypolis Code of Conduct

3 Create
  • Value
    Let's create new Value!
  • Place
    Let's create new Place!
  • Impression
    Let's create new Impression!
About CA Sega Joypolis Conduct Guidelines
Let's create new Value!

The environment surrounding us is changing every minute, and we live in an age of diversity where each individual's difference in values are important. We have created many facilities, many products, and many exciting experiences. Let us continue to create novel values that correspond to change by making full use of state-of-the-art technology, with sensibleness to understand the principles and sensitivity to foresee the trends of the times!
For example, we will take on challenges into new fields, such as metaverse. We will create new values by NFTing facility experiences, etc., aiming to diversify value. Let's get on X to Earn (for instance, play to earn) in the metaverse space!

Let's create new Place!

We have created and provided attractive facilities including Joypolis, Wonder Forest, Joypolis VR, and Joypolis Sports. Geographically, we have expanded our creations into markets not only in Japan but also in the Middle East and China.
As we have done so in the past, we will need to create new places to play while continuing to create real, physical facilities with value. Just like we have, we will continue to take on the challenge of providing new concepts, new content, and new extraordinary spaces, and of course, we will continue to open new outlets in new countries with different cultures and customs.
In addition, there are countless new places in the metaverse where users from around the world can participate, and we will provide novel value and unprecedented, extraordinary spaces in these places!
We believe that the creation of places where the real and virtual worlds are fused together is something only we can do.

Let's crate new Impression!

The time has come, when we can easily connect with people on the other side of the world from where we live.
Although there may be a language barrier, we believe that simultaneous interpretation functions will evolve eventually, and the language barrier will no longer be an issue. We are proud of the fact that we have, at least to some extent, continued to create and provide exciting experiences in our physical locations.
In the future, we will continue to provide new WOW experiences further, not only in physical locations but also in virtual spaces such as the metaverse, creating excitement focusing on the connections between people!In order to create such excitement, it is important that we actively enjoy entertainment ourselves, hone our sensibilities, and have the genuine and honest heart to be moved by it. We are convinced that our own excitement will lead to the next excitement.

Safety Philosophy

CA Sega Joypolis always puts the safety of our customers first.

Safety Basic Policy

  • CA Sega Joypolis will provide safe amusement equipment in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • CA Sega Joypolis will always ensure the safety of our customers through proper operations.
  • CA Sega Joypolis aims to create a safe facility that is considerate to all of our customers.